What’s going on at all times?

Networked surveillance systems allow you to see what’s going on at all times from any physical location.


View a live feed or an old recording from any device that has an internet connection.


Modern cameras have it all. With tilt, pan, zoom and many other features, you won’t miss a thing.


We can integrate your analog cameras into a networked system, if you don’t want to upgrade.

Mobile integration

The mobil intergration is one of the more important developments we can use right now. So we put it all our endeavor on it offering you a hight quality. 



Capture and store every minute of the day, and play it back whenever you want.

Ease of Use

Check out what OnSSI is doing to make video surveillance easy for anyone to use: Video


Expanding an IP camera system can be as easy as connecting new cameras and pressing a few buttons.