Metronet offers a wide range of systems and solutions to maintain, support and monitor network performance


As a certified re-seller of all major brands including Cisco, Juniper and HP, we can help you decide which gear is right for you and then procure it at a competitive price.


Not everything is “plug and play”. Metronet will properly configure your equipment so everything runs smoothly and securely.


Just like computers, network equipment needs to stay up to date on firmware and software to fix bugs, increase security and enhance features. We’re on top of it.


Agility is key in today’s fast-paced world. Metronet can help build a robust wireless network that will give you the freedom to roam with your device while maintaining a rock-solid connection.


Installation is more than just plugging in wires. Proper mounting in a network cabinet as well as cable management are integral parts of a healthy network.


The internet can be a treacherous place. It’s important to keep your data safe from hackers, phishers, and the ever-growing number of malware and viruses that are out there.


We have highly efficient robots (really, we do) keeping a watchful eye on your network around the clock. We often know your internet is down before you do.


Our products and services can be purchased with a standard or extended warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.