Securing your company’s network is very similar to securing your own home. Data can be very valuable, and there are people who will try to steal it. That’s why you hire a professional company such as Metronet to keep your data safe.

Our Security Services

It’s not enough just to lock the front door. You have to secure every window, every side door, every single point of access through which an unauthorized party might try to break in.
The security experts at Metronet know exactly what points on your network need to be locked down. From software updates to firewall rules, we’ll ensure that the only way into your network is with the right key.

Our approach

Our security services are structured around a multi-tier approach, modeled after industry-accepted best practices.
Network security is not something to take lightly. Thoroughness and attention to detail are, as always, our top priorities.
Throughout the entire process, the business owner and any other involved parties will be kept apprised and in the loop. Our intention is to keep information safe from outsiders – not from you.

Discussion to discover what information needs to be secured
Physical survey of network equipment currently in use

Digital survey to identify weak points
Preparation of plan with input from hardware and software vendors if necessary

Discussion of plan with business owner
Execution of plan and testing of efficacy
Continuous monitoring and testing for quality and security assurance