VoIP (Voice over IP)

Metronet will help assess your current phone system, make recommendations, and work with you to create a customized solution that will fulfill your needs and save you money.


Our clients save thousands of dollars each month by switching to our VoIP services with no sacrifice in quality or features.


Whereas old analog phone systems were rigid and required a specialist to come on site, a VoIP system can be configured as you wish within minutes.


IP-based telephony systems can do anything an analog system can do and more, with half the setup time. More info below.


Want to work from home today? No problem. Connect your IP phone to any internet connection and make calls as if you’re in the office.

Internet-based telephony offers many benefits over analog systems.


Music on hold

 Visual voicemail (web-accessible)

 Voicemail with email notifications

 Answering rules

Remote users

 Call transfer

 Call forwarding

 Call queues

 Call recording

 Call screening

Interactive Voice response

 Call logs

 Park & orbit

 Shared lines



Inbound FAX to e-mail


 Extension dialing

 Caller ID


 Direct Inward System Access

Monthly calls records