Remote Connectivity

The number of telecommuting employees is now 50% or more. This is mainly due to the increasing prevalence of high speed internet connections, allowing users to do from home or any other place what they would normally do at the office.

Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network is a technology that allows a remote user to create a virtual “tunnel” from their computer to your office. VPN technology is protected by state of the art encryption and authentication systems which makes it safe and secure.

Remote Phone Extension

Remote computer access is only half of the equation. Our Voice Over IP telephony solutions allow telecommuting staff to make and receive business calls through your office phone system from either a physical phone that they can connect to any internet connection, or from their cell phone by dialing a special number.

Our Remote Connectivity Services

Secure, remote access to your business resources allow your employees to work even when they’re not physically in the office. This is an important component of business continuity in case of a situation that prevents your employees from reaching the office.

Metronet is capable of providing a number of solutions that will enable your business to support remote users securely and efficiently.

Security Cameras

Metronet’s IP-based Security Camera solutions will allow you to keep an eye on your business from the office, from home, or from halfway around the world. Watch a live feed, view previous recordings, pan, tilt, zoom. You’ll be in total control.